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Vegetable Garden

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Blogging

EAT YOUR VEGETABLES! This is a common spiel we often hear from our mothers and grandmothers. The cycle will surely never end. It’s been going for centuries. A great way I’ve found to get your children to do this is to start early on. Feed them vegetables as early as possible. Once they start teething and eating real food, introduce the broccoli, carrots, green beans, peas, peppers, celery, and corn. We did this with my daughter and she loves them all.

Horticultural workshop host Ben Elms, also known as Dr Compost, of Wanaka, talks to The News about his love of the industry and how others can make the most of their garden, too.


At the current age of seven, she can’t seem to get enough vegetables. Tomatoes are apparently her favorite at this time. I am so happy she loves this stuff. It’s great nutrition for her young body and will help her grow to her potential height. Not to mention she’s learning great habits for adulthood. Recently I have been pondering the concept of a vegetable garden. Have you also considered the savings you would accrue with one of these?

I spend quite a bit on vegetables. My family and I prefer to do all of our grocery shopping at a fancy organic/gourmet type grocery store. You know the kind. They charge an arm and a leg, but they provide all the freshest organic foods. We prefer them to be free of hormones, antibiotics and pesticides. It’s much healthier for your body and mind. Now, having said that, I also ponder how much cash I could save if I simply started my own vegetable garden, DUH! I can’t believe I just thought of doing this a couple months ago.

My mother had a wonderful vegetable garden when I was growing up and we children loved it. I wonder why it took me so long to get into the swing of things. Anyway, imagine the things you can plant in your own back yard. Anything from carrots, to tomatoes, to green beans, to peppers, to radishes, to peas, to potatoes can be grown. That would save quite a bit of cash, considering how much organic vegetables cost in the first place.

Are you now considering a vegetable garden? Hey, there’s no shame in this. My wife and I plan to start one this next spring. I can’t wait to see how many vegetables we can get in it. Mmm, I can just taste those fresh tomatoes and radishes right now. A vegetable garden is the BOMB!