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Catering Events

by | Dec 9, 2019 | Blogging

Catering is the business of providing food at a remote location. The catering business has grown over the last few decades and now food services along with events planning seem to have been combined into a catering events industry.

While providing food is still a major point, the broad mission of catering events is now planning a full service that satisfies the senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Catering events involves providing an atmosphere, both professional and colorful. From the d├ęcor to the glassware, to the food and dining areas, a caterer is expected to get everything just right.

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At such outdoor events as concerts, workplaces or other public spots mobile catering is used, which sees the serving of food from a vehicle or cart. There is also industrial catering, which provides events for schools, prisons and other institutions. Airlines also have catering events services whether by contract with a caterer or through their own division. However, the cheaper the flight the less expense is devoted to catering, and usually full menus are dropped in favor of snack items.

For the most part though, catering events is reserved for big occasions, like weddings, conventions or banquets. An event caterer may serve food him or herself, with a hired staff, or may set up a self-serve buffet. Food can be prepared either at the event or beforehand depending on the menu.

Catering events also involves setting up tables, the dining area and decorations in addition to the food. One who knows how catering events is handled, should know how to prepare food and how to make it look eye pleasing and professional. Weddings for example, require working with one theme of color scheme.

The cost of catering events is usually determined by how many guests will be accommodated. The professional who is catering events should also be shrewd about money, as he or she must keep the cost of the event below the rate in order to make any profit.

As far as catering events go, there are two professional choices: independent caterers and companies who provide catering along with other services. The number of guests would determine the final cost of the service. Most caterers charge a set price per person which covers all of their expenses including food and beverages. The price varies depending on what you want served, obviously a cocktail party with appetizers would be more economical than a three course dinner.

Caterings events can be done online. Some companies make catering arrangements online while others can deliver an entire catered product to your place of residence or any other setting you choose. When throwing a big event, be sure and choose a professional caterer with high standards so that the menu and the look of the party will be of the finest quality.